NTrak Express

An Orange County

Model Railroad Club

About Us

NTrak Express is a N-scale modular model railroad club. Each club member designs and builds one or more 2x4' model modules. N-scale modular railroading is ideal for modelers who have limited space. With the legs removed, two modules take up only about 4 sqft of floor space. Because the modules conform to the popular NTrak standards, any module can connect with any of the others. Several times a year, club members meet and combine their modules into a 20x40' or larger layout. As many as 9 trains can be run simultaneously. The large size allows trains pulling up to 75 cars. Occasionally several clubs come together to make a truly giant layout.

Most of our members live in or near North Orange County, CA. Our members include beginners and experts. Train shows are held at the local Convention Centers, fair grounds, schools and private venues.

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